The Supplemental Budget Explained

County Council votes on the supplemental budget today. This is where the money is coming from and where it will go.

You just passed a budget in November, where did all this money come from?

While most county revenue sources are relatively stable and predictable, forecasting sales tax is a bit of an art and it’s good to be conservative. As a result, actual receipts are considerably higher than expected giving us more operating revenue. Additionally, ending fund balance is also healthier than expected due to higher than expected receipts for the last quarter of 2016.

What are you spending it on?

For a complete look at the bill as it stands and the proposed amendments, head over to the Council page. Here’s a brief rundown.

  1. Mobile Outreach Crisis Teams (MOCT) This is an existing program operated on contract through Pierce County’s Behavioral Health Organization (Optum). It’s designed to be an emergency response that citizens and agencies can call in case of a behavioral health crisis. Unfortunately its funding from the State has slid over the years so they’re unable to reach a lot of cases in a timely fashion. We’re proposing that $500k to plus that up that program and try to make it more reliable. It’s also an opportunity to test its effectiveness.
  2. Coresponders In addition to the above approaches, Councilmember Ladenburg is proposing that we contract for two behavioral health providers that are specially trained in deescalation and conflict resolution. They’re assigned to respond to calls with law enforcement. This is a model that’s been successful in cities like Tacoma and Lakewood.