Council Schedule Highlights Week of April 15th, 2019

1:30 pm Community Development Committee

Derek Young, Chair
Dave Morell, Vice Chair
Marty Campbell
Jim McCune
Douglas G. Richardson

Regularly scheduled meetings are broadcast live and replayed on channel 22 (Comcast and Click! Network) and channel 20 (Rainier Connect). Access meeting materials at

Proposal №2019–15, 2019 Comprehensive Plan Amendments
Sponsored by: Councilmember Derek Young and Dave Morell

Comprehensive planning is a requirement for local governments by the Growth Management Act. These plans guide rules for development and investments in services to serve each community.

While major updates are required every 10 years, Pierce County also has a two-year amendment cycle. The process began last fall when the Council approved a package of amendments to send to the Planning Commission and local Land Use Advisory Commissions for advice.

I agree with what most of the recommendations, but will be introducing tomorrow two additional amendments that were rejected by the Planning Commission.

One has to do with removing East Gig Harbor from the Urban Growth Area. I’m convinced this area is inappropriate for urban densities due to its location, topography, and the expense it would cost to serve. We have more appropriate locations to accommodate growth in the region. I wrote more on the subject last June.

The other amendment came as a recommendation from the Gig Harbor Peninsula Advisory Commission. It’s a goal to retain 75% of the natural tree canopy around critical stream habitat. We now know how important that is for protecting what’s left of our salmon population by providing woody debris and shade to cool the water.

Our region’s identity is tightly connected to Puget Sound and its wildlife. Unfortunately, both are in trouble and it’s mostly due to the impact of upland human development. We have to do so much better.

Urban Community Plans Update and Committee Discussion
Presenter: Jessica Gwilt, Planning and Public Works

Later this year we will also have four community plan updates, adopted as part of the comprehensive plan. These urban communities of Pierce County in South Hill, Fredrickson, Mid-County, and Parkland-Spanaway-Midand are the primary location for accommodating growth in the unincorporated portion of the county and function much like a city. In fact, these are the areas planned for eventual annexation or incorporation into a city.

Read more here and participate in our virtual town hall.

9:30 am Human Services Committee

Connie Ladenburg, Chair
Marty Campbell, Vice Chair
Douglas G. Richardson
Dave Morell
Derek Young

Regularly scheduled meetings are broadcast live and replayed on channel 22 (Comcast and Click! Network) and channel 20 (Rainier Connect). Access meeting materials at

Prevent-Avert-Respond (PAR) Mental Health Initiative
Presenter: Monet Craton, Director, PAR Initiative

This is an initiative sponsored by CHI-Franciscan to respond to mental health crises in Pierce County.

Human Services Research Institute (HSRI) Analysis
Presenter: Jason Escareno, Senior Legislative Analyst

Councilmember Ladenburg and I sponsored the HSRI study in 2015 to identify gaps in our behavioral health system. Their recommendations have guided our work to improve services in Pierce County.

6:00 pm In-District Council Meeting (Note the special time & location)

Pierce County Environment Services Building
9850 64th Street West University Place, Washington (District №4)

Regularly scheduled meetings are broadcast live and replayed on channel 22 (Comcast and Click! Network) and channel 20 (Rainier Connect). Access meeting materials at

Proposed Ground Lease Agreement — Chambers Bay Resort Project
Presenters: Mike Kruger, Senior Legislative Analyst
Chambers Bay Development, LLC

It’s appropriate, while we work through negotiations on resort development at Chambers Bay, that Councilmember Ladenburg would have her in-district meeting at the Environmental Services Building located on-site. This is a good opportunity for us to hear from the community most connected to the property.

A couple of years ago we got a request for my forward-looking calendar. Rather than have staff waste their time on public record requests, I decided to publish screenshots. Now I’m adding a link to the calendar as well. If you have questions, feel free to call. Keep in mind, my schedule isn’t static. Things will get added, deleted, changed, etc. There are conflicts that I have to pick between. But if people want to see where I’m at and who I meet with, that’s fine by me.



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Derek Young

Derek Young

Pierce County Councilmember. Serving Gig Harbor, Fox Island, Key Peninsula, Ruston, and parts of North and West Tacoma.