This afternoon Executive Dammeier will kick off the Council’s biennial budget process by introducing his own budget recommendation. Over the next two months, the Council will conduct frequent public meetings establishing its priorities, holding hearings with departments, and finally passing our version on November 23rd.

The priorities you’ll see below…

While COVID-19 will be with us for a long time, recovery is underway, and it’s time to learn from the pandemic to improve our public health system and prepare for future emergencies.

In late February of last year, heading to DC for our National Association of Counties Legislative conference, we realized there was no resolution supporting action on COVID-19. We pulled together an emergency resolution that enabled us to advocate to our federal partners.

Everyone in our Health Policy Committee agreed, but…

People underneath and holding up a pride flag.

This afternoon the Council will, for the first time, vote on a Pride proclamation. It’s an honor to chair the Council for a moment like this and something I believe is long overdue. It celebrates our LGBTQ+ community and their struggle for fundamental rights and protections under the law, along…

Celebration and troop review outside the White House on July 4th, 1861.
4th of July celebration and troop review at the White House. First appeared in Harper’s Weekly. Photo credit Library of Congress.

We don’t expect drama in a joint session of Congress to count electoral ballots. The Vice President reads a script, the votes are announced, and beyond the occasional faithless elector, the person who won states adding up to 270 votes becomes president.

But with so much at stake and so…

At this afternoon’s meeting the Council approved appointments to our standing committes and external boards.

Standing Committees


Meeting Time: Mondays, 10:00 a.m.

Derek Young, Chair
Dave Morell, Vice Chair
Marty Campbell, Executive Pro Tempore
Jani Hitchen, Alternate


Meeting Time: First and Third Mondays, 1:30 p.m.

Ryan Mello, Chair
Marty Campbell, Vice Chair
Dave Morell…

How we can ensure a healthy, sustainable, and equitable future for all

We face daunting but not insurmountable challenges. While the COVID-19 pandemic created many of its own problems, it also uncovered mutually reinforcing system failures left by years of neglect. To ensure South Sound’s recovery, we need a county government working strategically on seven key issues.


Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic…

Derek Young

Pierce County Councilmember. Serving Gig Harbor, Fox Island, Key Peninsula, Ruston, and parts of North and West Tacoma.

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